© Mark Platten 2006


architectural: Project 9AC

- 3ds Max
- V-Ray
- After Effects
- Photoshop
- DVD-Lab Pro

More stuff off the proverbial bench. As an ongoing project, I'm in the process of generating a detailed visualisation - stills, animation, interactive DVD - of my own humble flat in the esoteric, Coleridge-esque paradise of Salford M5.

In tandem, I'm physically rehabilitating the actual property to post-modern tastes. As an act of surrealism out here in the cultural hinterlands of Chav Central, that equates to Terence Conran being helicopter-dropped 'Apoocalypse Now' fashion into the original Valley Of The Flag-People...

The project's agenda is threefold.

- It's an opportunity to delve under VRay's hood at my leisure, with the brief of producing material to match the commercial sector; simultaneously retaining full creative autonomy. VRay is a highly sophisticated tool I've only paid lip-service to so far. Here, I'll explore it further.

- As a sibling to ongoing real-world work, it's also a potential design tool, and has already made itself useful: courtesy of having highly detailed plans to hand for resolving the layout of new laminated flooring.

- Suitably packaged, the final results will make useful marketing material for the property

Much more modelling required, obviously. The geometry assembled so far is, however, extremely accurate. The trickiest part of realistic rendering would appear to be managing the lighting

Hopefully, once the virtual version's inhabitable I'll be able to move in; with no further worries about cleaning the place - compared with the original, that kitchen sink does look suspiciously clean...