© Mark Platten 2006


engineering visuals

- Form-Z
- Lightwave

These images originate from the periods I spent working with two separate Antipodean manufacturing companies. 3D still appeared to be in its commercial infancy at 'street-level' in the mid-late 90's, so there was a certain cachet to be enjoyed in wowing my masters with images like these.

Highly accurate 3d models were built in Form-Z and Lightwave, taking CAD drawings and my own brute physical interrogations with Vernier gauge as reference data.

Sydney, NSW - based RODE produce a quality range of bespoke microphones, and although I was primarily their 2D CAD draftsman during my tenure, there were odd moments when I couldn't resist trying to sell them on the potentials of 3D.

Some rudimentary animation was done in 3d - simple rotation, for instance. Renders were taken into After Effects for some quick and dirty sequences - zooms in on, fades up; animating masks on and off to foster the illusion of an assembly constructing itself.

In contrast to corporate video and its sometimes spurious dogma, this genre has always afforded a certain relief. Whether it's translating CAD data, building meshes, or otherwise simply digitizing the real world verbatim, exercises of this kind always reward by instilling a deeper appreciation of the informed design sentience which has dictated that a particular object in the real world should be 'just so'...